I have created a new field within one layer in Arcmap. and i have run some values and assigned each feature to a specific value inside the new field in the attribute table for the layer.

Now I am labeling for this layer and as i see, Arcgis have solved the overlapping issues for labeling the polylines features by its model.

I would like the Arcgis to solve the labeling overlapping issues for the polylines features by the weighted values, that i have created and added to the layer. Meaning that, i would like the Arcmap to give priority to each feature based on the value that it received from the field inside the attribute table.

I tried the Maplex, but i found out that you can choose the priority (High mod. low) for each layer and not for the features inside the layer.

Please can anyone give an idea how i can solve these problem. and if there is python or sql codes that can solve it, can you please give them to me.


Under the label tab of the layer properties you can 'Define classes of features and label each class differently'.

enter image description here

An SQL query can be specified for each class. Each separate class will then appear under the 'Weight Rankings'

wieght rankings

You should be able to divide the feature class and apply different label weights this way.

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