I have this project wherein I should be able to display the route from one child node towards a parent node in QGIS. Attached is a simple photo to demonstrate my question:

enter image description here

The specifications are as follows:

  1. The path from a child to a parent is always unique (for example: route from child 1 to parent node = Line 1B -> Line BA -> Line AP)

  2. The nodes and the lines are separate shapefiles

So here's my question:

a. Can this be done by a query statement without having to rely to a plugin?

b. If this is not possible, what plugin should I use?

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You can try RoadGraph plugin/Network analysis library.

If you have two layers (they should be properly snapped):

  1. Set some settings

enter image description here

  1. Select point Start and Stop

  2. Calculate

enter image description here

This plugin is based on a library that can be used to run queries programmatically. I don't know if English manual for it exists, here is Google Translated description of this library with code samples from it's author, Sergey Yakushev.

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