How do I set a region update with rounded coordinates.

I usually set my region from a puffer around my points of interest and round up the north and east coordinates and round down the south and west coordinates manually.

Is there a way to do that faster and automatically?

g.region vect=puffer
g.region -p
# output coordinates with decimal places, like:
# north:      5567793.38187444
# south:      5537794.12612555
# west:       3462339.95848376
# east:       3492338.47 
g.mapset mapset=PERMANENT
g.region n=5567794 s=5537794 w=3462339 e=3492339 res=30 -aps
g.mapset mapset=test   
  • Do you mean g.region -a (for 'align')? – countryman Nov 3 '15 at 14:00
  • @countryman thats it! I should have looked in the documentation again... Add it as an answer and I'll accept it... – wittich Nov 3 '15 at 14:08

You can take the g.region -a (for 'align') option.

This will align the region to the resolution.

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