I am new to QGIS and I am using OpenStreetMap and OSM place search to create a map for latin america. However the peruvian terrritory includes the maritime area. How can I avoid/modify this. All other countries are fine.


The boundary out to sea includes the territorial waters. To get one that matches the coast, a couple of quick solutions spring to mind. The first is to try using a different admin boundary level that avoids the sea. If you are using admin level 2, try 4 instead or possibly 6. You may need to dissolve states/provinces but looking at the OSm data for Peru, you can clearly see a boundary in the OSm data that matches the coast if you zoom in.

Alternatively, you can get a coastal boundary data set from Natural Earth or GSHHG (available in a variety of resolutions - read the documentation). You can the usse that to clip the OSM data.


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