My SOE extension crashed. Now it does not appear in extension list, but does so in Capitabilities of a service. Services with it give error on run. When I try to add it anew to the server, I get "An extension with name 'xxx' is already registered for service type 'MapServer'" error.

ArcGIS Installation 10.1. To default location.

Note: Solutions I got on the internet: a. Restart ArcGIS Server from Task Manager( restarted many times everything that can be restarted -> no effect ) b. Remove and re-install ArcMap Server ( can't do it now, may be as last resort)

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    I had this happen once; I called Tech Support, and they told me which file to alter. It was years ago, though, so it will take a while to track it down. In the meantime you can edit the question to include the version of ArcGIS and the exact install location. – Vince Nov 7 '15 at 14:43
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    In my Linux 10.2.2 install, there's a file called bin/ServerTypesExt.dat. It's an XML file. Try removing the entire <ExtensionType file="your-soe-name-here.soe"> block (to the line above </ExtensionTypes>). If that doesn't work, either reinstall or wait for Tech Support on Monday. – Vince Nov 7 '15 at 20:22

On Windows open C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\bin\ServerTypesExt.dat and remove references to it :

<ExtensionType file="mysoe.soe">
    <Description>MySOE description</Description>

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