I'm struggeling a little bit with the rastercalculator tool of QGIS. At the moment I am working with a DSM and a DTM. My aim is to filter all wind turbines out of the DSM and replace it with the corresponding DTM data. Here im thinking about a calculation like:

If the height difference in "DSM" is like 50 m above the average in a certain area, replace it with pixels from "DTM"

So my question is, is this the right approach, or is there an easier way to deal with this problem?

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This sounds like the right approach if you can rely on such a large height. You can then use the raster calculator for this type of operation. the expression would look like (with the correct raster names) :

("dsm@1"-"dtm@1">=50)*"dtm@1" + ("dsm@1"-"dtm@1"<50)*"dsm@1"

You couls also use mathematical morphology to erode and dilate your DSM in order to remove tall objects, but this would affect your other values.

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