Right now, I have code that allows the user to indicate on a map, which contains a Network Dataset layer, stops that are needed to create a route. I need to add functionality to the interface that allows the user to also create barriers as well as stops.

The way this is normally done in ArcMap is as follows:

  1. Create the route layer by clicking on Network Analyst and New Route
  2. Make the Network Analyst window visible
  3. Highlight the Restriction layer inside the Line Barriers layer
  4. Click on the button for Create Network Location Tool
  5. Draw the barrier on the map.

I already have implemented the ability to create stops by using ControlsNetworkAnalystCreateLocationToolClass().

My question is, how can I also implement the capability of creating barriers as well as stops into my code?

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This question was answered here . . . http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/44002-Working-on-C-code-that-will-allow-user-to-create-quot-Barriers-quot-on-a-map?p=151801&posted=1#post151801

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