I am a new user to QGIS/GRASS and I am having a problem utilizing GRASS.

I have several files that I generated in QGIS that I want to import into GRASS so I can use some of the Grass modules.

However, I cannot find the v.in.ogr module in the processing toolbox selection.

All I have is v.in.dxf and v.in.wfs.

Is there a module/plugin/extension that contains the v.in.ogr module that I need to download?


From QGIS 2.10 onwards, GRASS is no longer enabled by default. From the Start menu, you can select to start QGIS with GRASS:

Start menu

When it's loaded, you can open a mapset from the Plugins menu:

GRASS options

To show the GRASS toolbox, right-click on the toolbar to get the menu to enable/disable panels and toolbars and select GRASS Tools:

Interface toolbar

You should, hopefully, see the GRASS toolbox in the same place where the Processing toolbox appears:

GRASS toolbox

Hope this helps!


You are confusing two different issues: the Grass plugin (Joseph answer and the new GRASS Plugin ready) and Grass in the Processing Toolbox:

1) with the GRASS plugin, you work in GRASS GIS and you must use v.in.ogr to import your shapefile in the original GRASS GISDBASE (locations, mapset) -> The Joseph answer
2) a GRASS script in the processing toolbox creates first a temporary GRASS GISDBASE, import the layer with v.in.ogr, do the work and finally destroy this temporary folder (see How to modify existing grass gis tools and run them in QGIS?)

In theory, These GISDBASEs have nothing to do with each other but if you know Python, you can modify the procedure.

  • This is very informative, great to know about the new GRASS plugin version! – Joseph Nov 13 '15 at 11:14

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