I would like to programmatically draw a polygon on an ESRI map. I'm using this code to draw a polygon with the mouse but I'm really new to this technology and I'm a little bit lost ... Here is my MainWindow :

public partial class MainWindow : Window
    Draw _myDrawObject;
    private GraphicsLayer _graphicsLayer;

    public MainWindow()
        _myDrawObject = new Draw(esriMap)
                               FillSymbol = LayoutRoot.Resources["RedFillSymbol"] as FillSymbol

        _myDrawObject.DrawComplete += MyDrawObjectDrawComplete;

    private void EsriMapMouseClick(object sender, Map.MouseEventArgs e)
        _myDrawObject.DrawMode = DrawMode.Polygon;
        _myDrawObject.IsEnabled = true;

    private void MyDrawObjectDrawComplete(object sender, ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.DrawEventArgs args)

        var graphic = new Graphic()
                                  Geometry = args.Geometry,
                                  Symbol = LayoutRoot.Resources["BlueFillSymbol"] as FillSymbol

        _graphicsLayer = esriMap.Layers["MyGraphicsLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;

        if (_graphicsLayer != null)


I already went to the ArcGIS help site (http://resources.arcgis.com/content/web-based-help) but i can't find the solution. Any ideas or tips ?

Feel free to ask me some questions if you want more details!


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If you installed the WPF SDK in the normal location, you can go to this folder and find an interactive sample application:

C:\ArcGIS\WPF1.0\SDK\Samples\Sample Application\Sample Application.exe

There is a list of demo categories on the left, so expand the Editing group. And then inside that are two more groups: Edit Controls and Edit Tools.

Look at the Edit Tools - Auto Save example. There are tabs on the example so you can switch between Live Sample/XAML/Code Behind. Copy and paste into your own project, and you will have a working example. Then you can customize or edit as needed.

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