i am trying to extract specific data from an .nc file

my nc file has the following variables hur-relative humidity lat-latitudes lon-longitudes time-time plev-pressure levels

so i want to get the data of relative humidity for a specific plev and specific time

 error: cannot allocate 2.1 gb vector

as you can see the hur is to big so is there any way to directly specify the plev values and time values directly into the get.var.ncdf() function so has to reduce the vector size

i am new to ncdf files

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You can use functions in the raster package to avoid this problem

b <- brick("akhil.nc", var="hur")

Yes. Read the help on the get.var.ncdf(nc, varid=NA, start=NA, count=NA, verbose=FALSE, signedbyte=TRUE, forcevarid=NA) function with:


and use the start=c(1,3,5,7,1...), count=c(1,1,1,1,-1,....) parameters appropriate to your dataset.

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