I have a problem, which is, I have a table ways (like in the Workshop of pgRouting) and I also have a different table street_name, where it contains the name of the street (among other information). Both have a column geom and I want to connect a given edge of the pgr_dijkstra calculated route with the name of the nearest point in street_name. I'm already using a version of this function to convert lat/long in source/target values. Is it possible?

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From an example into the blue, because no routing code and not very fast O(N^2)! I have a configuration of windmills (point data) in the table windmills and surrounding objects in the table objects (polygon data). Create a view or a FROM-Statement as follows.

CREATE VIEW dist_mill_object AS
   a.gid AS obj_id, 
   b.gid AS mill_id,   
   st_shortestline(st_centroid(a.geom), b.geom) AS geom
 FROM objects as a, 
      windmills as  b
   st_distance(st_centroid(a.geom), b.geom);

So you get the shortest a.gid, b.gid pair.

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