I have the problem with low quality raster. Now it looks like this:

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/53039057684486451032.png

I would like to change this to looks like this:

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/87768106012364755171.png

I'm using ArcGIS, ArcScan. After some work with Photoshop and reclassify with ArcGIS I get something like that.

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/35342487136630589409.png

And after ArcScan I get:

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/98057626549525851657.png

I don't really know if I'm using ArcScan correctly or the problem is with low quality raster. Can you help me?

  • Could you please edit your post or tags to include which software you would like to use? If you are using ArcGIS, ArcScan may be able to tackle this. – Aaron Nov 17 '15 at 13:31
  • Try to run it through PoTrace - it might be able to clean it for you ? – Morten Fuglsang Nov 17 '15 at 13:39
  • Can u please explain how to use PoTrace? I download it from website potrace.sourceforge.net but when i try to open .bmp raster it say " file format not recognized". Do you know why? – Losbaltica Nov 17 '15 at 18:24

I find an answer :) I changed the parametrs in reclassify from 127,5 to 218

If you look at first picture you can see then most records have value something near 255.

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/55965357082077151105.png

But the parametr that i was looking for is 218.

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/06431405368107790078.png

Im not sure why is like that but the result is great :)

a busy cat http://iv.pl/images/07339715725891677777.png

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