I am having trouble publishing my US Address - Dual Ranges Address Locator to our ArcGIS Server. I've created it with a very small sample of 7 streets around my local University just to test, with no odd address types (built on US Census Address Features shapefile).

It's properly located (myserver\arcgisserver\arcgisresources\Locators) and works when I reference it in ArcGIS Desktop.

Yet when I publish it to our ArcGIS Server, it gives me an error any time I enter a specific house number. Works finding street intersections and even spits back correct addresses if I reverse geocode. But it will not work searching for a specific address.

Anybody understand why this is happening? I am at a loss. I need this to work for my users.

EDIT: I am working in ArcGIS 10.0 SP 5 and ArcGIS Server 10.01.

ArcGIS Editions ArcGIS Editions

Working in ArcGIS Desktop

Working @ REST endpoint

Failing @ REST endpoint

Failing @ REST endpoint2

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