Does anyone know how to add a WMS layer using the CartoDB Editor?

I was told that it's possible to create a WMS table and then add each layer as a row in the table.

But, I cannot figure out exactly how to do this?


You can add a WMS layer on a map as a basemap. In the CartoDB documentation it is explained how to add it form the CartoDB Editor.

Also, you can use Leaflet.js and CartoDB.js to add WMS maps in your html file with L.tileLayer.wms option.

  • Thanks for responding. The WMSs have to be overlays with the normal interactivity (toggle on & off, view attributes in a popup window, change \transparency) so adding them as basemaps will not work. Also, I'm not very good at javascript so Leaftet.js and CardoDB.js are not the preferred options. When I asked one of the guys there, he seemed to suggest that it was possible to list each layer as a row in a postgis table, and add them to the map that way. Do you have any idea how that might work? – Ezra Boyd Nov 21 '15 at 2:32

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