I have made a gui in QTDesigner for QGIS2.10 (as a dialog). When I press the ok button (if result == QtGui.QFileDialog.Accepted:) everything works just fine but the gui is disappeared. How can the gui stay there - be visible till all the work is done (it is set to be on top)? Do I need something like a timer or should I look for some kind of relative property?

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    You can add a simple QPushButton, then connect a function to do the stuff to the clicked signal. At the end of that function just close dialog.
    – dmh126
    Commented Nov 18, 2015 at 19:09

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As dmh126 said, you can work with signals and events.

Let's say you have a QPushButton called runButton labelled as "OK" or anything. Put the following line at the end of the initGui function:

self.dlg.runButton.clicked.connect( self.onStart )

(replacing dlg with whatever applies to you).

The declare a onStart function that will call your main function :

def onStart(self):

That should do the trick.

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