I am getting very difficulties to add a map canvas widget through QtDesigner. I want a window with some buttons and a space to open the map canvas. How do I specify that? What widget did I choose?

Also I want to open the OpenLayers maps (Google Maps, Bing maps, etc) to overlap in the window with vector files.

Is there any widget which combine these two forms of view?

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Just choose a QWidget and promote it.

From PYQGIS official guide:

It can be also embedded into an existing widget or window. When using .ui files and Qt Designer, place a QWidget on the form and promote it to a new class: set QgsMapCanvas as class name and set qgis.gui as header file. The pyuic4 utility will take care of it. This is a very convenient way of embedding the canvas. The other possibility is to manually write the code to construct map canvas and other widgets (as children of a main window or dialog) and create a layout.

To do this, just right click on your placed widget and choose Promote, then set class name and header.

  • Oh, I get it!!! Thank you so much. The Promote part that's what I miss. Nov 24, 2015 at 15:02

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