I'm using PostGIS. When I enter the following, you can see that the input point is transformed:

=# SELECT ST_ASEWKT(ST_GeographyFromText('POINT(-33.7832527413259  151.120353207011)'));                                          
NOTICE:  Coordinate values were coerced into range [-180 -90, 180 90] for GEOGRAPHY
 SRID=4326;POINT(-33.7832527413259 28.879646792989)
(1 row)

Firstly I don't understand why the point is transformed (it's for a point in Sydney Australia so it's a real lat/lon) nor can I work out how to get the original lon value back (~123 is an odd size difference)

Any suggestions (probably a bit of a noob question as this is my first use of a GIS system)

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Your coordinates in the input point are backwards, try

SELECT ST_ASEWKT(ST_GeographyFromText('POINT(151.120353207011 -33.7832527413259)'));
  • Now you say that I realise you are correct, thanks.
    – Ivan Wills
    Nov 24, 2015 at 1:19

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