I recently have been surprised to see there are not too many solutions at all discussing the best methods of versioning datastores which are made available for editing.

I am looking for a robust, efficient solution which would me to share a bunch of data with registered users and where those users can edit this geodata or associating attributes individually. My requirement though is that I need any and all edits logged so they can be rolled back to any previous state just like a wiki.

More specifically, I am utilizing a tool called CartoDB.com (built on PostGIS 2.0) through which whatever method needs to be compatible.

Very curious to learn any/all information you guys might be able to share in regards to my needs. Thanks - CH


Heard whispers about GeoGit at FOSS4G. Chris Holmes and others are working on this as a WFS-Versioning replacement, of sorts. Don't know how far along the project is, or how it would tie in with spatial databases like PostGIS... .



Smallworld has a versioned object oriented database, I mean , we need it the database to be versioned, with merge, post and conflict resolution feature.


Probably the best commercial available version-managed database is Smallword, leader in utility & telco market.

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    seems to work only with Oracle - according to the wiki page linked
    – underdark
    May 18 '12 at 10:54

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