If the name of my layer in openlayers is "olayer". And if i want to set its visibility to true. Then the simple code is


But if i want to set the visibility by storing the layer's name in a different variable like this:

     var vari="olayer";        

This won't work because its taking "vari" as the name of the layer instead of the string stored in variable "vari".

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    As you have written it, vari equals a string olayer, so the behaviour yoobservce is expected. If you want an object reference, then use, 'var vari = olayer; – John Powell Nov 27 '15 at 8:25

"olayer" is just a string instead of a reference. As such it does not provide a method called SetVisibility.

When you want to set olayers properties (be aware that there are no quotes) or call its methods you have to use a reference to it:

var vari = olayer;

You can get a layer by name using getLayersByName.

From that you can call SetVisibility:

var layer = map.getLayersByName("olayer")[0];
  • i mean can't i use a variable that stores the name of the layer for using setvisibility function? i.e if i use a variable it returns the name of the layer when calling a function. – user2711295 Mar 5 '16 at 9:16

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