I'm using ez_setup.py to install pysal for QGis, by using the command:

easy_install pysal

(I followed the following post: http://anitagraser.com/2014/07/13/installing-pysal-for-osgeo4w/)

I have to do those installs in countries where Internet may not be available. So I would like to use ez_setup.py to get the package and save it on a drive, and once at destination, run ez_setup.py to install the package from the file. How can I do that?

  • ez_setup.py is used only to install setuptool. When you execute ez_setup.py it will create a easy_install.exe and this exe is used to install the other packages. Like path_to/easy_install matlab
    – Surya
    Nov 27, 2015 at 13:54
  • you can download any module package from Pypi site https://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=index and use easy_install to install that module in future.
    – Surya
    Nov 27, 2015 at 14:02

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Look at Install PySAL: PySAL is a pure Python module which needs only that Numpy and SciPY are available and they are installed by default in QGIS (Standalone version, OSGeo4W version).

Therefore, use the basic operation of Installing Python Modules:

1) place PySAL-....tar.gz on a USB stick (PySAL 1.10.0 for example)
2) unzip it in the destination PC
3) cd into the unzipped directory (PySAL-...)
4) the installation instruction are in the INSTALL.txt
5) type in /.../python setup.py install (the Python version of QGIS)

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