Can I get the current layer in control's event?

    if (obj.overlay) {
        input = document.createElement('input');
        input.type = 'checkbox';
        input.defaultChecked = checked;
    } else {
        input = this._createRadioElement('leaflet', checked);
L.DomEvent.on(input, 'click', this._onInputClick, this);

    var id =e. currentTarget;


When user click the checkbox, it will trigger _onInputClick event. This control will be created under a leaflet layer. I want to get the current layer. For example, I can get the current control like e.currentTarget. Is it possible to get the current layer by Leaflet library?

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I guess you are building a Leaflet Control based on L.Control.Layers?

In that case, you can simply continue using a similar scheme as L.Control.Layers to store then retrieve a reference to the corresponding layer.

L.Control.Layers stores just the layer's leaflet_id as a property of the input element: input.layerId = L.stamp(obj.layer);

All layers known by the Layers Control (i.e. added at instantiation or later on by addBaseLayer or addOverlay) are referenced in this._layers object.

On input click event, the Layers Control loops through all inputs and retrieves the corresponding layers(s): obj = this._layers[input.layerId];

So in your case, if you use the same scheme, store reference to all layers of interest in this._layers, attach the id the input refers to with input.layerId = L.stamp(layer), then retrieve it when needed by reading that id and getting the corresponding reference:

_onInputClick: function (event){
    var id = event.currentTarget.layerId;
    var layer = this._layers[id];

This is an old thread... but I found a good answer to a similar problem here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33740996/how-to-get-the-baselayer-selected-in-leaflet

My situation dealt with base layers, but the hooks are there to chart events for adding an overlay (overlayadd) or removing an overlay (overlayremove). See here: https://leafletjs.com/reference-1.6.0.html#map-overlayadd

Here is my working code that returns the layer_id from layer control when a baselayer change event occurs. Using this layer_id I can determine which base layer is currently turned on:

map.on('baselayerchange', function (e) {
   currentLayerID = e.layer._leaflet_id;

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