I am trying to interact directly with data from a MySQL database in ArcMap using Python. So far, I have successfully connected the database using the MySQLdb.connect() function and have successfully executed queries using the cur.execute() function. I also am able to print the results in the Python window.

I cannot, however, figure out how to create a table from the query output that I can then use to, for instance, join to a shapefile or display XY data. I assumed that the MakeQueryTable_management() function would allow me to do this, but the syntax is very confusing to me. Do I execute the query using cur.execute() and then execute this function, does this function replace the cur.execute() function, or do I do something altogether different?

for example, here is a query:

cur.execute("SELECT count(zip_codes.zip_code) AS Zips, zip_codes.state FROM   zip_codes GROUP BY zip_codes.state ORDER BY zip_codes.state ASC")

so how would I write the MakQueryTable_management() function given this syntax?

MakeQueryTable_management (in_table, out_table, in_key_field_option, {in_key_field}, {in_field}, {where_clause})

I am new to ArcPy.

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Consulting the online documentation for Make Query Table, it states:

This tool accepts data from an ArcSDE geodatabase, a file geodatabase, a personal geodatabase, or an OLE DB connection.

So your first task is to create an OLE DB connection to MySQL (since MySQL isn't supported in enterprise geodatabases).

I'd recommend making a view in MySQL and just accessing that through OLE DB.

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