Is it possible to convert Points into Polygons in QGIS 2.10 Pisa? I just want to create a 1x1m Polygon based on the centroid of each Point. I tried Vector > Geometry Tools > Voronoi Polygons but that is not what I want at all.


By the sounds of it, you want to buffer your points (go Vector->GeoProcessing Tools->Buffer(s)). Push the 'segments to approximate' up to get a smoother circle.

If you want square buffers, unfortunately the plugin that did that has not been updated to work with QGIS 2.x. However a work around could be to rasterize your points with a resolution of 1m and then convert the raster to a vector. The alignment of some of your resultant polygons may be a bit off though as a raster is a regular grid and I assume your points are not aligned to a grid.

If you want a grid do a search as there are a few posts on that subject (hint - look in Vector->Research tools)


Create a virtual text field with WKT (Well Known Text) in the attribute table using field calculator (set the layer editable): expression to create virtual field

Save the layer as CSV (right click on the layer name in the legend and Save As...), DO NOT CHECK Add Save File to Map! Save As dialog

Load the created CSV file with Add Delimited Text File, and check WKT geometry

Delimited Text Layer parameters

Finally 'save as' the polygon layer into your favorite format.

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