This Q&A lists free as in $0 workshops in GIS and related fields that have their material available to view or download online. The list is not limited to FOSS GIS, as GISers usually use a combination of open and closed source tools to accomplish their tasks. Some of these tools are easier than others and some are better documented. This list will be a great benefit to the community especially for new comers to the field.

General GIS

Open-source GIS

ESRI Products


These links include either theoretical or applied transportation knowledge in transportation planning

Disaster Management


Geo Statistics


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  • The bostongis website provides many tutorials and quick guides regarding PostGIS, SQL Server 2008 and spatial analyses, openlayers, OSM and openlayers and some more.
  • The faunitalia youtube channel gives video tutorial regarding Qgis and plugins

Though there may also be other lecture series at different University websites, the UNBC site has some good content, particularly for beginning users:


Other courses besides GEOG 204 are listed in the menu on the left-hand side.

Along the same lines as academic content (rather than workshops per se, but still useful), Google books has a number of free items related to GIS:



There's a new Coursera MOOC (starting today, Feb 22nd, 2016) called Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization and is offered by UC Davis.

It's geared towards beginners, and gives participants 1 year license to some ESRI product.

If you're reading this in the future, see if the specialization or any of its courses are given again.

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