I downloaded a .pbf file from this link and then I renamed it to tu.osm because it is an .osm file.

Then I used osmconverter to convert it to .pbf using:

c:\osm>osmconvert tu.osm --out-pbf >tu.pbf

but I receive an error:

Error: could not open input file

despite the file is 64032 kb

Why is that happening?


You can't just rename a *.osm.pbf file to *.osm because PBF is a binary file type and OSM a XML file type. This will make your OSM file invalid and it's no longer readable. Instead, download *.osm.bz2 and unzip the file so it will be a valid *.osm file. However, osmconvert is also capable to read *.osm.bz2 files.

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