I am new to deal with OSM data, and I want to download only .osm files not .pbf. I tried geofabrik.com but it provides .osm.pbf file format

  1. where can I download .osm files?
  2. is there any recommended way to convert .osm files to .xml?

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  1. where can I download .osm files

Just go again to Geofabrik to get files with extension .osm.bz2: it's .osm files compressed using .bz2 (it's like .zip but with an alternate compression).

After getting .osm.bz2, uncompress them. You will get the .osm files.

  1. is there any recommended way to convert .osm files to .xml?

There are no conversion step to xml: an .osm file is an xml file (open it with a text editor and look the first line). You misunderstand relationship between extensions and serialisation (XML).

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