I apologise from the outset. I need a full run through of working gdalwarp to downsample a raster to match another i.e. How to resample GeoTIFF images to the same resolution?. Using QGIS 2.12.

Using '-tr switch' what command goes in next so I specify the resolution to switch too.

Or how do I find the resolution from each raster to ascertain the height and width values necessary?

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    You can find resolutions with gdalinfo. Gdalwarp options are listed in gdal.org/gdalwarp.html and usage is simply gdalwarp ... -tr 10 10 ... input.tif output.tiffor creating 10 m pixels. I suggest to use -tap option as well. – user30184 Dec 9 '15 at 12:45
  • that seems like it would work. However still struggling to ascertain the rasters resolution. The pixel size is displayed as 0.00208333. i'm assuming 1.0 isn't 1m. – SPG Dec 9 '15 at 14:17
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    Pixel size is using the same units than the coordinate system. With the value you have I guess your data is in EPSG:4326 and the unit is then degrees. It may not be an optimal projection for you. – user30184 Dec 9 '15 at 14:31

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