I have some hyperlinks set up in ArcGIS for Desktop which, when accessed, open a small mobile mapping JPEG file.

Currently the images open in the default windows photo viewer but I would like for them to open in a different program which we have personalised for these JPEG files. The JPEG files are from a 360 degree ladybug system and the normal windows photo viewer isn't suitable for viewing them. Hence the need to use the personalised program.

Is there a way to set a different program for opening the hyperlink other than setting a default program in windows? I have to send the data/mxd to a client and didn't really want them adjusting their default windows settings.

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This is not something that I recall having ever done myself but I suspect that what you are looking for is the Script radio button that is mentioned under Using Hyperlinks:

Script — When you click a feature with the Hyperlink tool, a feature value is sent to a script. This option enables the use of customized behavior.

  • I'm not 100% sure about scripts yet but I'll take a look :) Appreciate the help!
    – Dave.m
    Dec 14, 2015 at 23:18

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