I'm using Leaflet js and I want a user to be able to add a single point to the map (and not get trigger happy and add lots of pins), what do I need to do to modify the below so that this can happen.

map.on('click', function(e){
   var Marker = L.marker(e.latlng,{
       draggable: true



Here is an jQuery-based example where the user can click a button to enable adding a single marker. After adding a marker, the map click function is removed from the map - no additional markers can be added until the button is pressed again.


<button>Click to add a single marker</button>


$(button).on('click', function() {

function enableAddMarker() {
    map.on('click', addMarker)

function addMarker(e) {
    var Marker = L.marker(e.latlng,{
         draggable: true
    map.off('click', addMarker);


Maybe something like that:
Add a global variable to your code var count = 0;.
In your function add two things a line, count += 1.
In the function have an, if (count < 10){ draggable: true } else {draggable: false}.

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