This layer is completely misallinged in terms of the standard WGS84 referencing system. I played around a lot with affine transformations and the like. But I presume it is just a typo in the underlying long/lat (e.g. instead of -655 it should be -6.55). Is there any way to "retype" long/lat manually in QGIS or gvSIG?

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    Didn't affine transformation with scale=0.01 work for you?
    – user30184
    Dec 11, 2015 at 15:15
  • It did! Thanks a lot, somehow I didn't see the obvious solution. But I'm still curious if there is a possibility to manually change long/lat. Dec 14, 2015 at 16:32

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You can test this (in gvSIG 2.2): 1. Start editing 2. Use the tool “Move” 3. First point: with right button you can write the coordinates of the point. You can use the coordinates of one of the nodes[*] (X:-331.89819999999963 Y:617.5137999999997) 4. Second point (with right button): X:-3.3189819999999963 Y:6.175137999999997 As result, gvSIG move all the selected features to the new position/coordinates.

[*] In gvSIG 2.2 you can go to the properties of the table and check the GEOMETRY column. Then, you can view this column in the Table of attributes

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