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I am trying to control the layer order between a cartoDB layer and a Google FusionTables layer, on a google base map. The CartoDB layer always displays underneath, whereas i want it on top. I have found methods to order layers within Google, or within CartoDB, but not how to order them with respect to each other.

I have mocked up an example here: http://codepen.io/rich_3po/pen/Bjoadr

(the yellow points are from CartoDB, and should display on top of the routes)

How do i go about achieving this?

My question is similar to Ordering Cartodb torque visualization over Google Maps heatmap layer, but the answer wasn't clear and didn't seem to apply to my case

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I managed to find a solution to this by following the answer at Setting zIndex of CartoDB.js layer on top of Google Map's GroundOverlay?

I dont fully understand what the code is doing, but it works...

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