How to avoid the "GeocoderTimedOut('Service timed out')" error in geopy using the osm nominatim geocoder? I am not interested in using an exception and skip some entries. I already use a time delay of 1.1 seconds in my script using time.sleep(1.1). Total database is 10,000 entries.


  • Eventually I used the script with a 1 second delay. It took a while but the results are good. – RutgerH Dec 15 '15 at 23:41

You could make a recursive function. Just typing Python-esque pseudo-code:

from geopy.exc import GeocoderTimedOut

def do_geocode(address):
        return geopy.geocode(address)
    except GeocoderTimedOut:
        return do_geocode(address)

Documentation for geopy.exc.GeocoderTimedOut.

This will keep retrying the do_geocode function until it manages to return without a Timeout exception being raised. You might want to limit the number of attempts, or also set a waiting period after a failed attempt. You might also want to think about why a timeout is occurring. Geopy allows you to set the length of time to wait before raising a timeout error, for any of the geocoding methods, with the timeout keyword argument. The documentation says that "some services are consistently slow", and recommends that this be increased.

  • thanks. this was indeed part of the solution. Make sure to import: from geopy.exc import GeocoderTimedOut – RutgerH Mar 11 '16 at 15:19

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