I am trying to convert an ".osm" file to a shapefile. I want to display roads mainly.

I am using qgis (on Debian Linux) ..

EDIT (as recommended): O.k, here is the problem ... I want to create a shapefile for an Amateur Radio application ... the current shapefiles they have really sucks big time ... so I downloaded qGis (which I regret wasting data on) and it is one BIG confusing hole of misery ...

Eventually after reading 2 hours of uninformative badly written examples on the net I finally figured out myself how to get OpenStreetMaps loaded into bloatware qGis ...

I select the area I wanted to work with ... after freezing up 4 times I eventually got evilware qGis NOT to break anything and download the info ... now I have an .osm file ... there is only one export option, something called epx? ... there is no option to save or export it as a shapefile ...

I hope that gives more clarity ...

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  • It should not really be difficult at all but all OSM files are not alike. Put a sample of your data available or write a query for downloading data from some OSM service or detailed instructions for downloading data with QGIS. – user30184 Dec 13 '15 at 12:29

The easiest way, is to add this osm file to qgis.

enter image description here

You will be asked which layer to add.

enter image description here

Once the layer is added, you can then export it to shape file


There is also the possibility to download OSM data directly as shapefiles via http://download.geofabrik.de/

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