Is there a way to export into KMl a geoserver layer? I have used KML reflector but this doesnt return the whole content of the layer but a reference to it. Alternatively can I get a KML of a layer using OpenLayers?


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Reading the documentation a bit more carefully I found out there are different modes. In my case the "download" mode is what I am looking for. From the documentation: "Returns KML which contains the entire data set. In the case of a vector layer, this will include a series of KML placemarks. With raster layers, this will include a single KML ground overlay. This is the only mode that doesn’t dynamically request new data from the server, and thus is self-contained KML."

So my request link looks like:


My problem is that some of the layers are not downloaded correctly and I get a KML file with:

      java.lang.NullPointerException null

while some other work great.

It seems like that the problem I mention was because of the styling of the layer. More specifically, the layers that would have problem to get downloaded as KMLs they had a style, which was assigned to a specific workspace (in geoserver). I have faced this problem in the past and the solution is to leave the choice: workspace (in style of layers) empty.

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