I am interested in exporting a polyline layer(s) of Moscow bike routes from Yandex maps. The layer does not belong to me but it is open to public use. I would prefer a KML, but just getting the coordinates in usable shape would be great. The coordinates seem to be embedded in the source code but I don't know to reshape that easily into a list of coordinates in .csv format which can then be mapped in QGIS.


  • @Mapperz Thank's, and how to obtain coordinates from the source (Yandex)? – Vadim Feb 9 '17 at 10:25

This can be done using the coordinates from the source:

  • copy & paste into notepad++
  • make into columns (replace [ with /n)
  • remove ], with none. load x,y into qgis (create layer from a delimited text file)
  • create a point file
  • use point2one plugin to create lines
  • repeat for the other coordinates

enter image description here

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