I have a huge raster tif file 40GB, when I use this file in ArcMap it is very slow, I want to use this file only for the first levels, so I don't care about resolution. I don't want a compression I just want to reduce the resolution of the TIF. The tif has 0.3 cell size

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Check this here is one discussion about reducing size of tiff images. http://www.cvisiontech.com/library/file-formats/tiff/reduce-tiff-file-size.html

or You can use this • Flatten your layers if any. • Use LZW compression to reduce tiff file size. • For pdf, try experimenting with compression settings in the Distiller job options.

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gdalwarp -tr xres yres in.tif out.tif

If you have gdal >= 2.0 gdalwarp will automatically use the closest overview level to the target resolution. If not it will resample from the full res image.

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