Is GRASS GIS able to work with a shapefile (*.shp)?

I can´t open my shapefile (328000Kb) in that program.

I want to dissolve a shapefile in GRASS because on QGIS the process is very slow.

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  • Yes, GRASS GIS is a correct program but you must learn it (very different from QGIS) . There are many tutorials on the Web. Why not use GRASS GIS in the Processing Toolbox ? – gene Dec 17 '15 at 19:25
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    No you can't read the .shp directly, it must be imported. Getting up to speed in Grass takes a time and learning investment (a good one though). You might want to ask a question about how to improve efficiency of Qgis Dissolve instead (being sure to include enough detail and context for your project so that people can understand and help). – matt wilkie Dec 17 '15 at 20:29

Sort of, you can import a shapefile into GRASS, dissolve it, then export it back out as a shapefile.

You'll need to create a workspace, a location that is set to the spacial reference system that matches the shapefile's (it helps if you know the EPSG code), and finally a region. If you're not doing any raster processing the region isn't a big deal. Finally once you set that up and get into GRASS you can use the File -> Import Vector data -> Common import formats (v.in.org) command to import in your shapefile.

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