I have a choropleth map which displays crime percentage change. It is plotted from a geodataframe and the choropleth intervals are determined in the background by Python.

Unfortunately, the first label in the legend (for white polygons) shows "0.00 - -50.00" when it is in actual fact starting from -286, not 0. Similarly, the last label shows "30.18 - nan".

How do I change these to "Less than -50.0" and "Greater than 30.18"?

Percentage Change Map

Please see my code below:

f, ax = plt.subplots(1, figsize=(16, 16))

PoliceDataMap.plot(column='PercChange', scheme='quantile', k=5, legend=True, axes=ax, colormap='Reds', linewidth=0.2, alpha=0.8)


ax.set_title("Crime Percentage Change between Jan 2011 & Jan 2015", **TitleFont)


You can modify items of the legend manually:

            '-50 - -27.48',
            '-27348 - -4.75',
            '-4.76 - 30.18',

leg = ax.get_legend()
for text, label in zip(leg.get_texts(), new_labels):

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