I want a method to export osm files from a Postgres database. I already have an osm2pgsql database, an apidb database, and a nominatim database in which I have imported osm files. Now I need to export osm files from a database with an osm2pgsql schema and use it with the nominatim and api-db(openstreetmap-website) database.

I know that the osm2pgsql is a tool for populating a PostGIS database that allows us to run the Mapnik rendering software, Nominatim search software, or our geospatial queries and have a different database table structure to that required by the openstreetmap-website rails app.

But, I need to create for use in future imports using osmosis and osm2pgsql tools and for backup purposes.

Can anyone help me with how to do this?

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    Commented Dec 23, 2015 at 19:47

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There is no way to export an osm file from a database with osm2pgsql schema.

So I solved my problem creating a database with the snapshot schema that is a modified and simplified version of the main OSM DB schema.

I've imported my osm file and I recreated the changes that I had made in the database with the osm2pgsql schema in the database with the snapshot schema.

Now, I can import a osm file with osmosis of the database with snapshot using the command:

osmosis --read-pgsql host="" database="" user="" password="" outPipe.0=pg --dd inPipe.0=pg outPipe.0=dd --write-xml inPipe.0=dd file=file.osm 

So, I used this osm file to generate my databases for my databases with nominatim, osm2pgsql, and APIDB schemas.

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