I have data to import to cartoDB in CSV format in which there is a bounding box column holding two lat/long coordinates representing the corners of a bounding box, like

53.113206182344,-9.15629032156; 53.119089697211,-9.141677599209

I need to retain this information as text in its own column, but I also would like to derive a polygon and store its geometry as the_geom. I'm assuming that the polygon geometry would be created post import through a SQL update ... but need guidance in how to approach this.

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I think the easiest route would be to use ST_MakeEnvelope (docs) after doing some basic parsing of your text. I'm not sure if CartoDB lets you create functions or not, but I'd make a little one for this:

RETURNS geometry AS $$
WITH split AS (SELECT regexp_split_to_array($1, '[^\d.-]+') AS val)
SELECT ST_MakeEnvelope(val[1]::float, 
                       val[4]::float) FROM split;

And then:

UPDATE my_table SET geom = parse_box(box);
  • Thanks. CartoDB does allow functions to be created and I use your solution with one change: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION parse_box(text) RETURNS geometry AS $$ WITH split AS (SELECT regexp_split_to_array($1, '[^\d.-]+') AS val) SELECT ST_MakeEnvelope(val[2]::float, val[1]::float, val[4]::float, val[3]::float,4326) FROM split; $$ LANGUAGE SQL; then UPDATE table SET the_geom=parse_box(bbox) Dec 19, 2015 at 14:28

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