I tried to modify the sample code Histogram Time Slider ArcGIS API for JavaScript from AMD to Legacy style. However, I found the histogram was not shown in the bottom in the application (link listed below). I am wondering if you could provide valuable opinions on the application. I am not sure if the Histogram Time slider not supported in DoJo <1.8

The Histogram time slider application based on Legacy style http://maps.nmt.edu/JSTest/Histogram/Histogram_Legacy.html

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Two corrections needed here

  1. The legacy event name is onUpdateEnd, not update-end

  2. When initializing the Histogram Slide, pass it sliderElem, not dojo.byId("bottom-div")

You should be good then!

More explanation on the 2nd step: The bottom-div element is already registered with Dojo. It is a Dojo ContentPane so it can't be used for another Dojo Widget. So we have to construct an element inside bottom-div. Otherwise you will see an error in console like this

Tried to register widget with id==bottom-div but that id is already registered(…)

I saw in your code that you have already constructed the element in the variable sliderElem. And also saw it being used in the Esri sample.


  • Thank you for the valuable opinions. I am new in JavaScript. I have followed your instructions. First, I have changed the event name from update-end to onUpdateEnd. However, could you provide more information on the point 2, in the source code, line 82 and 97, I can see dojo.byId("bottom-div"). Could you provide more detailed information on these two lines? Many thanks, Hank Dec 18, 2015 at 18:38
  • I just tried to replace the dojo.byId("bottom-div") in the line 97. Wow! And then I can see the Histogram. I appreciate your opinions. If possible, could you share how you tell the error in the line 97 and provide the suggestion "pass it sliderElem, not dojo.byId("bottom-div")" Many thanks,<br> Hank Dec 18, 2015 at 18:52
  • updated my answer with explanation Dec 18, 2015 at 21:01

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