When I attempt to save a style with graduated colors for a vector layer in a Spatialite db, I receive the following error:

Error looking for style. The query was logged

I had success saving single symbol and categorized color styles following the workflow shown here. How can I save my graduated color class in the spatialite db?

QGIS: 2.12.1. Spatialite: 4.1.1

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Maybe this have to do with data type involved, graduated color is sometime quite glitchy when it come to real number with a lot of decimals. Look more like a bug than something you can actually resolve.

As a workaround you can try to convert your graduated renderer to a rule based renderer.

Adjust your rendering using graduated color then switch the top left drop-down list to use rule-based renderer.

BUT make sure the generated class limit don't overlap, last time I used this trick some weird <= >= definition was produced when converting graduated to rule.

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