I have a polyline feature class made up of multiple segments. This feature class overlays a polygon feature class representing the countries through which this polyline is going. For each segment, I would like to add an attribute containing all the countries through which the segment crosses, delimited by a comma for example.

I have tried a Spatial Join, using the polyline as the target and the polygon as the join feature. Unfortunately this has resulted in null values for the country attribute.

Any ideas?

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I will assume that one feature can cross multiple countries. It'll explain the null values. You can try to split these features first (https://desktop.arcgis.com/en/desktop/latest/manage-data/editing-existing-features/ways-to-split-a-line-feature.htm#GUID-A60F71A1-CEEE-4D20-92AB-CD4528D01DCD) and then do a spatial join.

I think splitting features will improve your data quality too.

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