I am hoping to map vegetated (trees and open veg) for the lower mainland in BC, Canada.

I guess what I want is a Land Cover map.

Does this exist for download anywhere or will I need to user Landsat to create an NDVI and do it myself.

~30m resolution is adequate. Currency is not a huge issue.


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Without knowing your end goal, you might have luck with the Vegetation Resource Index polygon layer available from the DataBC Catalogue.

The VRI is:

Geospatial forest inventory dataset updated for depletions, such as harvesting, and projected annually for growth. Sample attributes in this dataset include: age, species, volume, height.

The Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) determines both where a resource is located and how much of a given vegetation resource (for example, timber or coarse woody debris) is within an inventory unit.

So, it's a land cover map that focuses on vegetation, but also provides a lot of extra attribute information.

  • unfortunately not, this classifies all of the lower mainland as U for urban. even parks and reserves. I think this one is good for non-urban regions only. thanks Dec 21, 2015 at 23:33

The tree cover for your region in 30m spatial resolution can be extracted from Hansens Global Forest Change Dataset.

There is also a publication acompanying the results, as well as a Google Maps based visualization.


This map of North American land cover at a spatial resolution of 30 meters provides a harmonized view of the physical cover of Earth's surface across the continent based on 2010 Landsat satellite imagery.


Natural Earth is a public domain map dataset available at a couple scales.

I've never run into any quality issues from NED and have used it for a lot of different projects. They have a land coverage map under Raster.

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