In QGIS, I'm trying to create a vector grid layer with cells 150m x 150m, yet it only seems to be possible in degrees.

Is there a setting I need to change, or is there an equivalence I can use to convert degrees to meters?


You have to set your Project CRS to something using meters, like UTM or State plane. Then you can use Vector -> Research Tools -> Vector Grid ... to create a grid in the same projection.

You should set the X parameter to something useful, e.g. 150 for a 150m-grid.


Do you have a layer which you want to create the grid layer from? If so make a buffer around them. Use the extend of the bufferlayer to make the grid.


Oh and if not, then try this.

  1. Create a polygon layer that covers the area you want to create a grid within.
  2. Then use from Processing Toolbox: Create graticule --> Set your Grid extend by your polygon layer.
  3. Define the horisontal and vertical spacing and run it.

That should do it.

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