I used qgis2threejs to output 3d model with a dem and another viewshed output. I want to tick untick the layers for displaying and not displaying the layer.But the select unselect option in right window of qgis2threejs in not displaying and hiding the layers.

I used additional DEM option to integrate the additional layer in the output with display type Map canvas image.

[![on selecting viewShed the viewShed layer in not appearing][1]][1]

I want to tick/untick that option to show/hide the layers in the 3d model. I googled but could find the results.

I have created a model including that viewShed but the tick/untick option to hide/show the layer is the feature i want in the output.

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Try this solution...

  1. Map Canvas and Layer Preparation

    • Hide viewshed analysis result from map canvas
    • Duplicate the elevation layer
  2. Settings for Background Layer

    • Select the original elevation layer in main DEM panel
    • Choose Map canvas image in display type group box
  3. Settings for Viewshed Analysis Result Layer

    • Check the copied elevation layer under additional DEM
    • Choose Layer image option in display type group box, click Select layer button and then check the viewshed analysis result layer in the Select layer dialog
    • Check Transparent background option
  4. Export

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