I have created a few visualizations in cartodb, and I'm trying to create a html with some buttons to select each one.

I have seen some examples using createlayer and sublayers, but not using different viz.jon.

I am a rookie, and I would like that someone to give me a simple example to start developing.


I may be missing something, but you could simply have different buttons that trigger createVis() for different vis.json files

One hangup may be removing existing visualizations when a new button is clicked. The code here does this in a brute force way with a jQuery $.empty() on #map. There may be a built in CartoDB method for this (?) not sure. Have not tested any of this...


<button data-url="http://account.cartodb.com/yourvis1.json">vis #1</button>
<button data-url="http://account.cartodb.com/yourvis2.json">vis #2</button>
<button data-url="http://account.cartodb.com/yourvis3.json">vis #3</button>


    $('button').on('click', function(){
        var url = $(this).data().url;
        cartodb.createVis('map', url);

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