I have a set of rasters within a file gdb in which are of continuous values (NDVI). I am trying to build an attribute table for each raster in order to reclassify into either 1 or 2 (water or land). I was able to get a model working on a single raster, but the iterator fails. Within the model I am using raster calculator with expression: INT(("raster"+0.05)*100) to get to an integer, then using reclassify to get values either 1 or 2. Model fails with a 000539 code "cannot concatenate str and flt". Any solutions?

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The error is as expected, you are adding 0.05 to a string containing the text raster. Have a look at this page on raster operators. Note they enclose the name of the raster in Raster().

  • Right, in fact I was using INT(%Name% + 0.05)*100).
    – Nate
    Jan 5, 2016 at 19:54

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