I have a polygon layer that has donuts and also exterior parts. Using python, I am able to get access to each part, but what I would like to know is using arcpy, once I have a part, how do I go about deleting all the vertices for that part. This is what I have enter image description here

and this is what I would like to end up with enter image description here

  • If you can safely assume the first multi-part ring is the largest, then you could rewrite the shape with the first ring. Unfortunately, that's one of those ass-u-me assumptions that tend to backfire. Anyway you do it, you'll be using a cursor to either update the current shape or (preferably) inserting a new row into a disimproved feature class with the trucated geometry. – Vince Jan 6 '16 at 22:43
  • You should have a look at this q&a. – Hornbydd Jan 7 '16 at 0:34
  • Even though it's not really an arcpy solution, the Eliminate Polygon Part tool does exactly what you want. It requires an Advanced license. – GISGe Jan 7 '16 at 7:38

You can delete entire geometry parts without having to delete each vertex. Refer to this page on python access to shapes and interior rings from ArcGIS Help There is also a GP tool that will remove the doughnut holes. It is on GitHub

As far as deleting parts of a multi-part feature, you will need a strategy for identifying the part you want to delete. Size (absolute or relative) or # of vertices are options, as is a spatial relationship to other features (intersect with FC to see if it overlaps anything). Provide more detail in the question and perhaps some ideas will pop up...

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