I am able to connect to the mssql server database and choose the table that contains the spatial data. However, as soon as the layer is added, I get the 'crash dumped' error with a message saying "minidump written to C:"

  • The database is hosted on azure

  • On a smaller database, I can see the nodes/location display briefly before the crash occurs.

  • I have tested the issue on a much smaller database that contained 1 row/entry and the crash still occurs but it's usually after I add another layer (e.g. open streetmap layer)


You may be getting this crash from one of the 3 reasons below:

1: SRID not set on Geometry Column. To check the SRID, I use the following SQL code

SELECT *, GeometryColumn.STSrid FROM [DataBaseName].[dbo].[TableName]

2: Invalid Geometries in the Tables. To check the Invalid shapes, I use the following SQL

  SELECT * FROM [DataBaseName].[dbo].[TableName] WHERE GeometryColumn.STIsValid() = 0

3: No Primary Key Set on that table

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